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The Honorable Game in Moldova

In late June, 2003, the Golf Association of the Republic of Moldova made a presentation of its project to establish the first Moldovan Golf Club with a golf course consisting of 18 holes. The organizers of the event presented a scale model with a detailed description of the golf course and an open-air country-seat museum that is to be constructed on the territory of the Golf Club in a specially allotted archeological area.

All those interested had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with a brochure containing a brief business plan and photos of the Golf Club as well as with a plan of the location of holes, which were designed by the famous Italian golf architect Mr. Azioli. On the request of the Golf Association of Moldova the KPMG auditing company carried out an analysis of the golf industry development in the countries of Eastern Europe.

At the presentation ceremony Vasile Tarlev, the Prime-Minister of Moldova, was appointed President of the Golf Association of Moldova. Mr. Tarlev emphasized the importance of the golf course opening in the republic and on behalf of the Moldovan Government promised a wide support. The managing board of the Golf Association consists of the President (Vasile Tarlev, Prime-Minister of Moldova), the Vice-President (Mikhail Ogorodnicov), and the Secretary General (Roman Ostapenco).

The Golf Association of Moldova also introduced a title of its honorary member. Among laureates are Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, Pavel Petrovsky, Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Moldova, William Hill, Head of the OSCE Mission in Moldova, Lu Naumovsky, Head of the VISA Association Representation, Victor Turcan, VictoriaBank President, Nicolae Juravschi, President of the National Olympic Committee.

It should be mentioned that the golf course in Moldova will differ from those in the world not only by its archeological area, but also by the idea to build the drive range on the surface of the natural existent lake. The length of the golf course in Moldova will reach 7.747 meters and thus it will be one of the longest courses in the world. This fact will allow to hold golf tournaments of any level, including the hosting of the Olympics. The first Moldovan Golf Club will also include a recreation center with a swimming pool, a hotel, a restaurant, a specialized shop and a golf school.

Golf, the world’s most prestigious sport, was invented by Scottish shepherds. During the reign of King James II of Scotland its popularity grew so much that the monarch had to ban it, since young men, rather than going to battle, spent all their time on the links. Today there are about 55 million golfers worldwide.

Founded in 1754, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews is regarded as the game’s premier authority; every four years it publishes a new edition of the game’s rules. The contents of this book are valid on every golf course in the world. Progress, however, even in the case of such a traditional game, is unstoppable: nowadays those unable to get to a course due to a lack of time or money can practise on their computers.


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