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levintsa Law Firm in Moldova

Levintsa & Associates is a full-service law firm and is the leading legal consulting firm in corporate, financial and commercial law practices in Moldova.

The firm brings together experienced multilingual attorneys and lawyers with advanced University degrees from Moldova, Europe and the United States of America.

Levintsa Law Firm is dedicated to providing a full range of quality legal consulting services in Moldova and members of the law firm offer legal services in virtually all areas of Moldovan law.

Through its network of contacts, the firm is able to offer assistance of legal professionals, consultants and lawyers with legal skills in specific areas of law for complex and long-term business projects and legal matters to meet the needs of the firm's clients.

Levintsa & Associates possesses a wide range of legal experience and offers its clients a unique combination of professionalism and legal expertise.

The firm considers budgetary limitations and offers its clients cost effective legal solutions for all legal matters.

For any legal issue please contact Levintsa Law Firm at any time.

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