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Let There Always Be Circus

When, on circus day, you enter the circular building where the Chisinau Circus performs its entertainments, you find yourself in the world of humor and joy. In the lobby you are immediately surrounded by an amusing crowd of bizarrely dressed characters in multicolored costumes, comical hats, boots of enormous sizes, singing, hopping around, walking about on stilts, juggling and doing all kinds of conjuring tricks. You just cannot help being cheered up. Thus conditioned, you, when the time of the main show draws near, proceed from the lobby to the main hall, find your seat in one of the tiers, sit down and await with eager anticipation the appearance of the Master of Ceremonies (MC) in the ring who will announce the beginning of the performance. The band begins to play, the eyes of the spectators who are mostly children of all ages, are fixed on the arena. All the eyes are sparkling with excitement. Here he comes – the MC appears with all the lights trained on him. The show begins.

All throughout the 19th century, traveling circus companies regularly showed their performances on the territories of the Czarist Russia. They pitched their tents in the central squares of the major cities and entertained spectators with acrobatics on horseback, feats of daring, trained animals’ acts, conjuring tricks, rope-dancing, and fireworks. Some of the circus companies came from far away – Austria, Germany, or France. As usual, the central squares were particularly liked by the circus people. Colorful posters invited the cities’ residents to come and “enjoy the greatest show ever”.

It was in late April, 1982 that the building of the Chisinau Circus was constructed. So far, it is considered to be an excellent entertainment place that gives so much delight to so many children – and grown ups too! These days, an extraordinary show named “The 2002 Circus Stars” is taking place. All the members of the show are talented performers always doing their best to entertain the audience. The show has a traditional repertoire: clowns, trained animals, acrobats and conjurers. It will last for about a month, and everybody is invited to see it. After visiting this show I concluded that the Chisinau Circus of glorious traditions has good prospects for the future. When the show was over, the spectators greeted the performers with thunderous rounds of applause. The smiling performers waved back. They were tired but happy with their achievement. Show must go on!

May the exciting, fantastic world of circus live on forever!

Prepared by Vlada Popushoi

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