Laws of Moldova
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December 2003

December 2003 Welcome Moldova Magazine BASIC FORMS OF DOING BUSINESS IN MOLDOVA
General Remarks
Under the Moldovan legislation, business (entrepreneurial) activity is the activity of production of goods, performance of works and provision of services carried out independently by citizens and their associations on their own behalf, risk and responsibility for the purpose of obtaining a permanent source of income.
In Moldova , business activity may be practiced by: Continued >>>
Andrei Litvinov's Inspired Dance
Among theatre genres, ballet is probably the most aesthetic. The plasticity and language of gesture must be expressive and beautiful. Ballet characters are fantastic and noble; we see rather an ideal than reality. But yet, the people like us dance, and all of them are different and unpredictable. Continued >>>
Love is basketball
To love a game, one must not only enjoy the burning yearning for it, he must also show it to others. When a person loves something so much that he can't live without it, when this something becomes a thing which a person waits for every day, that is the true definition of somebody who is more that a fan, an admirer. When a person believes in the sport to the point that it becomes a religion, then this guy really loves the sport. One of the sports than can drive a person crazy, that can give a goal, a target or something to live for in this life is basketball. Continued >>>

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