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Do You Have Any Weapons Or Illegal Drugs In Your Posession?
Each one of us in one way or another sooner or later confronts the necessity of crossing the border of a foreign country. We do this as individuals on family vacations or as economic agents when existing economic conditions make it efficient to transport goods across country borders.Exclusively for the readers of WELCOME magazine we decided to find out what has been achieved by the Moldovan Customs Office under the influence of international organizations and the experience of other regions. What has changed? What still requires working on? How can trade and tourism be stimulated on the nearest frontiers?
These and other questions regarding the most important economic development paths are answered by Doctor in Economics and Deputy-Head of the Customs Department of the Republic of Moldova Vitali Slipenki. Continued...
I See Great Potential In Development Of Relations Between Moldova and Bulgaria
Mr. Evgheny Ecov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to Moldova, kindly agreed to answer several questions put to him by Welcome magazine. Continued...

The Rise and Fall of Moldova-Film
With the faded glamour of the Oscar Academy Awards and the fizzled out gossip of the Cannes Festival this may be the best opportunity to bring the spotlight of general attention to the national heritage of the film making industry. Continued...
Crispin Ward: ďI like to be very human.Ē
New Yearís Eve was marked by a great classical music concert in the Organ Hall. The National Chamber Orchestra performed the last 2001 concert with Britainís leading conductor Crispin Ward. Brilliant voices of Lilia Solomei singing Alleluia and Mihai Munteanu singing O, sole mio evoked the feeling of admiration with the Moldovan audience. President Vladimir Voronin and his wife, Mayor of Chisinau Serfaim Urecheanu, Deputy Minister of Culture Andrei Lozovanu and other high officials attended the event. Our reporter interviewed Crispin Warm the day before the concert.Continued...
What Can Women Do
During many decades women represented the weaker sex and at the same time carried upon their shoulders the kind of heavy burden most men are not prepared to lift. Fragile and strong, tender and strict, innocent and experienced, what raises the auction bets higher still? And why do women have such a strong need to be better quoted on the market by satisfying menís tastes? Continued...

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