Laws of Moldova
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August 2003

August 2003 Welcome Moldova Magazine New Wave International Festival in Yurmala
Young singers from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Sweden and Great Britain arrived in Yurmala (Latvia) in late July to participate in one of the most prestigious international festivals “The New Wave” and compete for an honorary prize “The Crystal Wave” and the right to be called “Discovery-2003”. The festival attracted a lot of guests from different countries of the world to the city. Expensive hotels, sand beaches, cosy small cafes and fashionable restaurants opened their doors to numerous pop-music fans. For example, over 5000 tourists came from Russia to support their compatriots. The same cannot be said about Moldovan tourists: only three Moldovan nationals held our national flag in the concert hall. Over three million spectators enjoyed the festival on television. Continued >>>
Postage Stamp: A Romantic Shade Of Economic Expedience
Would you like to send a letter? It's as simple as the ABC: stick a stamp and drop it into the letterbox. Until recently that was a conventional mode of our written communication. Why, in our dynamic epoch of telephone, fax and email it's perhaps quite irrational to mail letters regularly failing to reach destination. But when they do reach, isn't it far more interesting, especially in personal correspondence. Let's leave alone those busy persons constantly in a hurry (in the end we owe progress to them) and turn to the tiny scratch of indented colored paper that our ancestors, our descendants and we are so much indebted to. Continued >>>
Crucial Dreams
Judith Duerk: “Sometimes dreams alter the course of an entire life.”
Indeed, some dreams have served as pivotal points in many people’s lives. In other cases, dreams have changed the life courses of entire peoples, countries, and even imposing civilizations. Yet more incredibly, several dreams have altered history altogether. Continued >>>

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