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May 2003

May 2003In Memory of the Greatest Moldovan Film Maker
Emil Loteanu was a Russian and Moldovan film director, scriptwriter, and poet. He was born on November 6, 1936 in Socriani, Cernigov. In 1953-1955 at the MKhat studio school he took acting classes. In 1962 graduated from VGIK, film director department. In 1962 started work at Moldova-Film studio, where he made his first debut with a heroic revolutionary film “We’ll be back at dawn”. In 1966 Loteanu filmed “Red Fields”, that became the starting point of his poetic and romantic trend in film directing. In 1973 he transferred to Mosfilm. “Gypsy Camp Leaves for the Sky” and “My gentle and tender creature” brought the director true recognition. His films were honored with numerous international awards. Loteanu published several volumes of poems and prose. Continued >>>
Alexandr Pushkin In Love
Pushkin arrived in Chisinau from the Crimea on horseback. After a wonderful journey through the sunny Crimean coast, Kishinev aroused a heavy feeling with Pushkin. “The streets are narrow, a lot of side-streets, very few of the houses built of stone. The houses are too small”, in such a way Pushkin described the town. Continued >>>
“Really? I haven’t seen any corruption here,” I told my friend, a westerner working in a Chisinau university, when he made a passing comment about how many students paid rather than studied their way to degrees. Continued >>>
Despite the comforts of modern life, we all feel that our strength and wellbeing depends on nature. Even when we can’t be close to nature we can mimic its effects by building wonderful gardens or swimming pools, listening to recordings of animals or running streams, changing the weather indoors by using air conditioning, bringing in artificial grass and flowers, or even paying for a massage session. But what about the soothing aroma of nature? Continued >>>
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