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January 2003

Belarussian Community in Moldova

An exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Moldova and Belarus recently opened in the National History Museum. A lot was said there about the contribution of the people from Belarus to the cultural development of Moldova.

Among the most famous Belarussian families is the one that gave contemporary society two very popular artists: father and son. 2002 was marked by the 140th anniversary of Vladimir Okushko. His roots go back to the genealogical history of Belarussian landowners. Vladimir graduated from the school of sciences in Vilno and then studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1897 he received an invitation from the city authorities to move to Chisinau where he settled until 1919. In Chisinau he established and became the director of an art school. Subsequently the school was transformed into a college and today it is the College of Art bearing the name of one of Okushko’s pupils, Alexandru Plamadeala. Continued...

Overview of International Relations

In an official press statement US Ambassador to Moldova Pamela Hyde Smith confirmed America’s continuation on the cooperation course with the Republic of Moldova. The USA is especially interested in resolving the conflict in Transnistria and the speedy removal of Russian arms. Ms. Smith also mentioned America’s willingness to help Russia in carrying out the decisions of the Istanbul OSCE summit. Continued...

Limited Access to Political Process in Moldova:

Is Moldovan proportional electoral system truly proportional?

Moldova is a country of proportional electoral system. This system provides for distribution of places in representative bodies (Parliament, local councils) in proportion to the number of votes accumulated during the elections. A party gaining 25% support would get 25% of seats according to the proportional electoral system. Under the proportional electoral system the whole country makes a single electoral circumscription for the purposes of calculation of votes cast and distribution of representative offices. Continued...

The Battle of the Titans

This threesome has been made the pages of practically all the European automobile magazines, which is not surprising. Daimler Chrysler, BMW and Audi are now competing for leadership in the F market segment. Continued...

Volunteer – 2002

After the break-up of the Soviet Union the notion of community service, which emphasized the importance of public welfare and individual contribution to the amelioration of our environment as well as the implementation of high morals, became obsolete in the Republic of Moldova. What once became history is returning to the republic in the different form of Western volunteer work. In many countries of the world every citizen must sacrifice a specific number of hours working as a volunteer. In Moldova this type of service has come into existence only recently and just before the New Year the British Embassy organized a contest to choose the best 2002 volunteer. Tudor Drie, Igor Celisov, Cristina Siscanu were awarded the three main prizes. Continued...

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