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Moldovan Cost Effective Invention For Practical Use

Description of Problem

Ropes or strings may be used to support certain elements of bridges, to support metallic towers or antennas for radio, television and for telecommunications and for other purposes. Certain elements of constructions and/or fixtures and an installation of metallic towers or antennas (hereinafter “Construction” or “Constructions”) require the use of ropes or strings, which are installed at different levels and which will require certain force to keep Construction in a vertical position. Such Constructions are usually very high and may exceed the height of 100 meters (300 feet), which makes it difficult to install and maintain during the operation.

Maintenance of Constructions is traditionally carried out by a team of qualified professionals who use expensive equipment. The traditional maintenance is a very lengthy and expensive process and yet subject to errors. The level of errors is usually about 8% and may increase due to an extreme weather conditions, which would create a risk of using the Construction.

Our Solution

Our team may offer a cost effective solution which may be used in various areas of industry in Moldova and other countries. The patented method is used where it is necessary to regulate certain forces, which maintain stability of Constructions. Our method may be used for installation of Constructions and for subsequent maintenance of Constructions.

We use our patented method and know-how to effectively regulate flexible strings to maintain vertical position of certain Constructions (SU1281953, patent No.2800/05032003).

The method has been tested and used for maintenance of Constructions (antennas) in Moldova, Russia (Ivanovo, Tula), Ukraine (Mayaki) and in Latvia (bridge over river Daugava in Riga).

Our innovative approach will take minutes for assessment of a maintenance project based on the data provided. Basic data related to Construction is processed by special computer software. On the basis of the data obtained our team will prepare the maintenance project of regulation and adjustment of strings for Construction. The project will be aimed to determine the steps of correction or adjustment to keep the vertical position of Construction.

The level of errors of the results of testing will not exceed 0,5-2,0%, which brings an exceptional precision of measurement and adjustment to be used to keep the optimal force of supporting efforts and to maintain a vertical position of Construction.

For instance, a process of regulation of an antenna with a height of up to 300 meters may take about one week. It will not be necessary to dismantle various meters, dynamometers and to repeat operations aimed to verify and/or improve previous results of testing. Expenses and timing for the regulation and adjustment of Construction may be reduced significantly. Risk of accidents related to maintenance is reduced. Only one professional may be required to process the basic data related to Construction, which would be necessary for preparation of the maintenance and adjustment project.

Contact Us

You may contact us via an e-mail. Please send to us your full name, address and name of the company, telephone and fax numbers. We may provide additional information and estimates upon request.
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