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Express delivery service in Moldova

Express delivery service, as an independent business activity, emerged at the very beginning of the 20th century. It was caused by the fact that economic processes all over the world began to develop so fast that the existing postal service was unable to meet the requirements and expectations of most of its clients. Moreover, such fundamental aspects as the speed and safety of the mail delivery contributed to the appearance of high-quality system - express delivery service. At first a number of small companies specialized in mail delivery within the limits of a certain city. That business activity turned out to be quite profitable and as a result most of those companies transformed into transnational ones guaranteeing to deliver either correspondence or consignments to any place of destination. Gradually, more and more companies got engaged in the business.

At present in the Republic of Moldova there are 6 express delivery companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS and Molinari Express. Two of them are domestic (EMS and Molinari Express), whereas others are foreign. All these companies have representative offices throughout Moldova. For instance, DHL has representations in Balti, Soroca and Tiraspol. The territorial coverage is one of the major criteria for deciding what express delivery company to choose to entrust it with your consignment. It can be mentioned that in this issue the positions of the competing companies are similar. Their territorial coverage amounts to approximately 220 countries of the world. Only the regions involved in armed conflicts are regarded as exceptions. All the foreign express companies work in Moldova in accordance with their own technological process, elaborated for the majority of them during decades. In practice, it is a peculiar conveyor: from the registration of the contract, through customs formalities (handled by the express service), the package reaches the sorting center, further - if it is necessary - it goes to other similar centers and finally the courier will deliver it to the place of destination. So, a letter sent through UPS from Moldova to Moscow, will first come to Frankfurt am Main, and then - to the destination. Time is money, therefore the timing of delivery is an important factor. In DHL they deliver correspondence within the term of one to three working days. UPS will do the same in one to five days. TNT guarantees the delivery to Europe within two or three business days, to North America - up to four days, to the CIS and other regions - up to five days; EMS will do the same, but within seven days. The existing time difference between EMS and other companies is simple to explain: the majority of foreign courier services have their own transport park (from automobiles to airplanes), and EMS uses traditional means of communication. In other words, in EMS delivery goes through the same channels with usual postal correspondence, only by accelerated procedure. All the express delivery companies sort the posting into documents and non-documents (parcels). Documents comprise private correspondence, business documentation which does not have a commercial value (different kinds of documents, electronic media). Non-documents have commercial value (souvenirs, samples of goods, equipment) and require customs declaration. The cost of dispatch depends on the category - document or parcel. The conclusion of the agreements for a fixed period of time becomes one of successful steps. Such a form of relationships allows the client to benefit from the granted discounts on payment of the following postings. And, besides, it is possible to pay the bill for the provided service not at once, but at the end of the month. So if you plan to send a parcel or documents to any part of the world, there are 6 express delivery companies at your disposal.

The cost of one kilogram of consignment (parcel)

  DHL($) UPS($) TNT($) EMS(lei) FedEõ($) Molinari Express ($)
Albania (Tirana) 92 74 72 340 82 63 (37)
Russia (Moscow) 69 (50) 49 65 (47) 240 * *
Portugal 76 74 72 460 70 53
USA 71 63,5 61 340 66 58
Romania 50 49 47 240 63 63 (37)
* - On inquiry

The cost of one kilogram of documents

s DHL($) UPS($) TNT($) EMS(lei) FedE & otilde;($) Molinari Express ($)
Albania (Tirana) 79 59 56 325 76 48 (35)
Russia (Moscow) 54 (35) 34 50 (33) 200 * *
Portugal 61 59 56 440 59 38
USA 55 51.5 50 325 53 44
Romania (Bucharest) 35 34 33 200 50 48 (35)


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