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November 2002

"Philanthropist George Soros in Moldova"

George Soros the well known man whose name is closely related to extraordinary awards and significant monetary grants distributed to different areas of human development activity. In the 1980s millionaire George Soros decided to put his name down in the annals of history by helping people of various nationalities through the foundation of charity funds and organizations. The main goal was to create an open society with a high level of culture and education. Soros is a great patriot of the United States and advises to consider his country as the perfect example of cultural and economic progress. The US in his opinion is the world leader in most areas of our existence intellectual, military, financial and others. Only in a highly developed country like that could Soros, a talented and successful entrepreneur, make millions of dollars. Continued...

Glass Beads Rainbows

There is an ancient legend that tells a story of a demigod who had such a compassionate nature that seeing people suffering from pain and injustice he could not help weeping, and his tears, rolling down his cheeks and dropping to the ground turned to glittering precious stones. Continued...

A Home And A Heart In Music

After his most recent concert in Chisinau held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary since the beginning of his career as a musician Constantin Moscovici was interviewed by our special correspondent. Continued...

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