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April 2002

Express delivery service in Moldova

Express delivery service, as an independent business activity, emerged at the very beginning of the 20th century. It was caused by the fact that economic processes all over the world began to develop so fast that the existing postal service was unable to meet the requirements and expectations of most of its clients. Moreover, such fundamental aspects as the speed and safety of the mail delivery contributed to the appearance of high-quality system - express delivery service. At first a number of small companies specialized in mail delivery within the limits of a certain city. That business activity turned out to be quite profitable and as a result most of those companies transformed into transnational ones guaranteeing to deliver either correspondence or consignments to any place of destination. Gradually, more and more companies got engaged in the business.


Fighting Moldavian Drug Dealers

Illegal circulation of drugs and drug abuse have assumed an invariable tendency to increase year in year out. If ten years ago we were talking of approximately 1000 addicts, today according to official statistics there are about 60 thousand of them. In the reality of it however that number exceeds available data due to the fact that many compulsory addicts draw from six to ten other people into trying drugs.

Specialists have been able to make more or less precise prognostications as to the consequences, which will include an irremediable debilitating effect on the genetic code of the nation as a whole and a rise in crime rate because drug abuse is directly related to it.


Moldova Plays Chess

International Chess Federation (FIDE) recently highly appraised the work of the Chess Federation of Moldova naming it one of the ten best in the world. Its total number of winnings for the female chess team only put it in the second place in Europe. Thanks to its success in chess Moldova became known in many other countries. Grand master Svetlana Petrenko kindly agreed to answer some of our questions.


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