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March 2002

Factors of transformations in demographic process in Moldova

In recent years a general economic crisis that the Republic of Moldova is going through has caused a sharp deterioration of the demographic situation. One can speak of a deep demographic crisis that has hit Moldova in the last 10 years. It was gathering momentum in the past three decades and was caused by natural and migratory factors and by worsening of the quality of life of the Moldovan population.

The birth rates in Moldova had been steadily declining for over a long period of time and in recent years they have been dropping dramatically. It should be borne in mind though that the recent considerable reduction in population number in Moldova is a result not only of the general crisis that has affected all spheres of life in this country but also, to a certain extent, of the changes in the age-long, established age and sex structures. The birth rates have dropped appallingly. Most of the families have only one child or postpone having children indefinitely. The number of officially registered abortions is about two times greater than the number of births. The number of abortions among minors is on the increase. A considerable number of children are born outside the wedlock. In 1998, for example, this number constituted 9.7%.


Prostitution: Prosperous Purgatory

What is the most ancient profession one can think of? Prostitution, no doubt, and the first proof of this dates back to the second century BC. In the 19th century alongside the image of a female selling her body there forms one of a man living off exploiting this kind of women. First pimps appeared only a couple of centuries ago yet the profession was taken into practice with exceeding speed and is overly widespread today.


Things about the Moldovan Leu you should know

In the period of transition to the market economy the Republic of Moldova has ceased to be among the states, where currency interest rates are only external economic agents. Many ordinary citizens have discovered the fact that many things depend on the ratio according to which our currency is exchanged: the price for imported goods, and as a consequence, for municipal services, as Moldova imports the biggest part of energy. That is why everyone is interested in how the Moldovan leu " behaves " in relation to foreign currencies, first of all - to the US dollar.


God's granted gift

The name of Moldovan artist Afanasie Oprea is known not only in our country but far beyond its borders. Among national artists he is probably one of the most talented. His capacity for work is amazing. Oprea can labor for 10 or even 12 hours a day. It all adds up to approximately 4000 works. Half of these are privately owned or form part of museum collections in various countries around the globe.


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