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February 2004

February 2004 Welcome Moldova Magazine Manipulator and Victim - the Game of Imperfection
Taking advantage of the naivete of young women and girls and the abuse of power at the workplace involves two persons: a manipulator and a victim. For the victim the collision with the manipulator is a personal tragedy. For the manipulator it is a game, - a game of imperfection. This article is an attempt to help the potential victim to recognize the manipulator and take precautions against him. The article analyzes two cases: first, when the victim is a girl or a young woman in danger of being trafficked abroad and, second, when the victim is a worker in a company. Continued >>>
Posta Moldovei: Looking Into The Future
POSTA MOLDOVEI provides a wide range of services. They include delivery of correspondence and money orders, as well as pensions, allowances and gifts. Our company also provides many other traditional and non-traditional services, such as:
  • delivery of parcels, transportation of cargo and acceptance of various payments,
  • EMS – accelerated postal delivery, fax, photocopy and email services,
  • distribution of advertising, periodical publications, etc.
We seek to diversify our services and offers meeting the demands of our existing and potential clients, including those who reside in the republic of Moldova temporarily, says Vitaly Pavlov, the Director General of the State Enterprise POSTA MOLDOVEI. Continued >>>
Brief Overview Of Free Enterprise Zones In Moldova
The 2001 Law on Free Enterprise Zones stipulates that a free enterprise zone (hereafter “FEZ”) is a strictly defined and separate from the economic viewpoint part(s) of the Moldovan customs territory with special legal characteristics and a beneficial regime for local and foreign investors. FEZs are established to boost social and economic development of certain regions and the country in general by way of:
  • attraction of local and foreign investments;
  • introduction of modern machinery and technologies;
  • development of export-oriented productions;
  • using advanced production and other experience and management;
  • creation of new work places. Continued >>>

Austrian Musicians in Moldova
In the history of music January is the month of Mozart's birthday. By the age of 35, he wrote 620 compositions practically to all musical genres. He was less well-known also as a pianist-virtuoso. Being a representative of the Viennese classical school, Mozart together with Haydn and Beethoven generated reference samples of the sonata, symphony and concert. He ingeniously transformed typical samples of an opera-seria and opera buffa to a synthetic genre of tragicomedy in his opera "Don Giovanni" and the fairy-tale-comic "Magic Flute". His genial "Requiem" represents a top of democratization of the highest religious symbols accessible to perception by any person. Mozart became an embodiment of the maximum aspiration to an ideal in art, and his music serves as an eternal indisputable standard. Continued >>>

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