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January 2004

January 2004 Welcome Moldova Magazine Moldova Approved Regulation on Implementation of Certain Tax Exemption Provisions for Foreign Investors
On 5 December 2003 the Moldovan Ministry of Finance passed a Regulation on the Procedure of Conclusion, Operation, and Termination of Effects of Agreements Providing for 50-Percent Corporate Income Tax Exemption of Qualifying Business Entities with a Share of Foreign Investments Exceeding the Equivalent of US $250 Thousand. The main provisions of the Regulation are summarized below. Continued >>>
Rotary Club: Trial and Error
With the New Year approaching fast the season of corporate parties, Christmas dinners, and charity balls has commenced in the Moldovan capital. If you are in the right place at the right time it is very easy to turn into a social nomad, moving from one party to the next and barely remembering to change clothes in between. On December 13 I was lucky enough to participate in one of Chisinau's Christmas Charity Balls. The event was organized by members of the Rotary Club. According to the opening speech the club was founded over 100 years ago and today exists in many countries around the globe. And indeed the information published on the club's international web site, confirms that there are nearly 1.2 million members from over 30 thousand clubs in 166 countries. Continued >>>
Add A Touch Of Color To Your Life
Have you ever seen a rainbow? A real after-storm one, so rich against the background of lavish wet greenery and freshly-cleared blue sky. The seven divine colors our eye is able to perceive, plus about seven hundred derivatives of the main specter, that is shades, may serve to inspire or depress us, influence our health, and attest to our personal or traditional preferences.
Colors arise as a result of light dispersion, each color having its own vibration frequency and emulating its own energy perceived by the human eye and analyzed by the brain. Color beam oscillations vary in intensity to such an extent that there are cases of the blind demonstrating the ability to distinguish the colors of the objects they touch. Continued >>>

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