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January 2002

Come and discover Moldova

There are surely a lot of beautiful places in the world that traditionally attract great numbers of vacationists and holiday-makers. Some of these places are really and truly gorgeously picturesque and unique with respect to their valuable historical, architectural and cultural monuments, excellent geographical and climatic conditions.

Though the Republic of Moldova has not yet attained the worldwide fame of a great vacation land, it has enough historical sights, ruins, archeological excavations, churches, verdant valleys and marvelous landscapes to attract tourists. On our way across Moldova we will stop at many places, of course, and each has something special which deserves to be appreciated.


Moldova's success story: Chardonnay

Dear readers, I intend to write monthly articles discussing Moldovan wines. My 18 years of working in the wine trade in England and 7 years coming to Moldova give me some qualifications.

Chardonnay, what is it? Well, it produces the greatest white wines and is arguably the most popular dry white wine in the world today. How to pronounce it? Well, Americans put the accent on the ‘d’ and the English on the ‘c’. Where to buy it? Well, ahhh…..First, wha


The Music Of My Soul

His music is similar to the music of Tariverdiev. It is a soft echo of something familiar and loved. The melody, beautiful and voluminous fills the auditorium. In the Department of Interethnic Relations Dimitrie Gagauz held a musical evening on the occasion of his 55th birth anniversary and 35th anniversary of his teaching and musical career.

The evening was filled with music and kind warm words addressed to Gagauz by Russian embassy representatives, writers, poets, musicians and artists. It was almost like a festival of multinational songs in Romanian, Gagauz, Ukrainian, Turkish and Russian. Happy and sad in turn they touched the hearts of the audience, above which reigned and atmosphere of love and friendship. Gagauz was called several times after the performance. He was nationally accepted as a national composer with loud and continuous applause.


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