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Posta Moldovei: Looking Into The Future


POSTA MOLDOVEI provides a wide range of services. They include delivery of correspondence and money orders, as well as pensions, allowances and gifts. Our company also provides many other traditional and non-traditional services, such as:

  • delivery of parcels, transportation of cargo and acceptance of various payments,
  • EMS – accelerated postal delivery, fax, photocopy and email services,
  • distribution of advertising, periodical publications, etc.

We seek to diversify our services and offers meeting the demands of our existing and potential clients, including those who reside in the republic of Moldova temporarily, says Vitaly Pavlov, the Director General of the State Enterprise POSTA MOLDOVEI.

W: How would you estimate the results of your company's operation in 2003?

V.P.: Last year POSTA MOLDOVEI celebrated its 10 th anniversary. That was quite a difficult period of our transformation into one of the most important and efficient tools of the country's economy. Due to the efforts and fruitful work of our personnel comprising more than 5 thousand employees, continuous assistance of the Government and the Transports and Telecommunications Ministry, we managed to achieve world standards in terms of the range and quality of our services. Yet, we unfortunately did not manage to realize all our plans. Our company finished 2003 with profits only slightly exceeding those of 2002.

What are the main tasks of POSTA MOLDOVEI and how do you intend to achieve them?

We have many tasks. The principal one is to ensure continuous improvement of the quality and range of our services.

Last autumn, in cooperation with the Informational Technologies Department we introduced a new service - delivery of domestic and international passports through post offices.

We also introduced electronic networks as an important step in the implementation of modern fund transfer technologies. For two years now we have been providing Western Union money transfer services. We have also recently acceded to another major money transfer system “Anelic” functioning in 76 countries.

POSTA MOLDOVEI is one of the largest distributors of printed matter in Moldova. We cooperate with more than 159 editorial offices in terms of subscription and retail sales. We also provide subscription services for national and foreign periodical publications on the basis of our subscription catalogue. We make 2,435 newspapers and magazines available, including 240 local titles, 1,835 from CIS countries, 246 from Romania and 50 from Bulgaria.

Could you please tell us about the prospects of POSTA MOLDOVEI?

I think it is very important that we continue to work to ensure development prospects for the postal industry. Our company modernizes, repairs and re-equips its regional offices as well as the EMS centre and actively develops its informational network.

As I already mentioned, we are dedicated to providing highest-quality services to our clients at minimal tariffs. In order to be successful and expand our clientele as much as possible, we should further raise the quality of our services to be able to better ensure the interests of our clients and meet the world standards. This envisages efficiency, regularity and security.

It should also be mentioned that our company has not been increasing its domestic and international tariffs since 1997. Moreover, since 2004, we have decreased our tariffs for sending faxes abroad.

At the same time, we need substantial financial resources to ensure our further development and technical modernization, expanding the range of our services and improvement of their quality.

It is also important to mention such an important direction of our activity as philately. We did a lot in this area and specialists highly appreciate our achievements.

Since 1991 POSTA MOLDOVEI has issued 515 postal stamps reflecting important social and political events. These events include the 10 th anniversary of issuance of the first Moldovan postage stamp, the 10 th anniversary of proclamation of Moldova's independence, envelops – “570 years from the birth of Stefan cel Mare”, “Soroca - 500 years”, “Ungheni – 540 years,” “MOLDOVA – film – 50 years ”, “Moldovan Railways - 130 years”. Our topical stamps on flora, fauna, sports, etc. are also very popular. Moldovan postage stamps are also placed on the cover of the authoritative German magazine “MICHEL RUNDSKHAU”.

In addition, we have produced an impressive calendar for 2004 portraying Stefan cel Mare. As you probably know, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin has proclaimed 2004 the year of the famous Moldovan ruler Stefan cel Mare. We are proud to be among the first to participate in the practical implementation of the program dedicated to the 500 th anniversary of the death of our great predecessor.

How important is international cooperation for POSTA MOLDOVEI? How was it developing and what are the plans for 2004?

We pay special attention to the development of international cooperation, establishing and strengthening of contacts with our foreign partners and mutual exchange of positive experience.

As a full member of the World Postal Union (WPU), to which it acceded 11 years ago, Moldova actively participates in the creation of the common postal area worldwide. WPU was established in 1874 and is a very renowned and influential organization comprising 189 countries.

Throughout 2003 POSTA MOLDOVEI has been carrying out postal exchange with virtually all countries of the world. This includes direct written correspondence delivery to/from 62 countries and direct parcel delivery to/from 57 countries. Our accelerated mail delivery services were used in more than 100 countries. We also exchange postal money orders with 21 countries. It is important to note here that last year we concluded beneficial contracts with accelerated mail delivery operators from Ukraine and Israel, which is very important in terms of further development of our accelerated mail delivery services.

Currently, we prepare to participate in the 23rd session of the World Postal Congress that will take place in Bucharest in the autumn of 2005. It is envisaged that the Congress would adopt a number of important strategic decisions for the next 5 years.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the implementation of our ambitious plans would not be possible without competent and mobile personnel dedicated to and loving what they are doing. We have such people and value them a lot. POSTA MOLDOVEI has a good intellectual potential that determines success of its undertakings and allows it to solve even the most complex problems.

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