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Olga Perchinskaya: “My colors will never get cold
because I have filled them with the warmth
of my soul.”

Despite economic difficulties a generation of young talented artists that might make our country famous in the future was brought up in the Republic of Moldova. Every artist encompasses a little world, which he imparts with the people around him. In the work of young talents there is no place for the expected obscenity, harshness and cruelty present in our everyday life. In fact it is quite the other way round because their paintings are touched with a positive spirit of major scales and the desire to attain the everlasting sources of beauty and love in creation. The new generation reminds spring buds ready to burst with life despite the fact that they may be tarnished and destroyed by ignorant trespassers. The happier we will be when these buds turn into lovely blossoms.

Young artists’ expositions represent a combination of hundreds of paintings and dozens of new names coming into light. Absorbing works are impossible to describe. Just as stimulating music needs to be heard interesting pieces of art need to be seen.

The name of one youth is Olga Perchinskaya. She is only 22 years old. Talking to her it is impossible not to fall under her charm and the spell of her large blue eyes that are radiant with kindness.

Welcome: Olga, your works are obviously professional. Even though you are young it is clear that you took up painting a long time ago. Who was your first tutor?

Answer: Among my first tutors I would like to mention Ivan Stepanov from Kiev and Ivan Serbinov from St. Petersburg.

Your works are always thought provoking in the variety of thematic background you choose to portray the world. Ancient Egypt, Venice and Moldova are all very different themes and yet the artistic expression is equally original in all of them. How do you succeed that?

Even Goethe said that anybody can become an artist but not everybody can become a real artist because that has to come from God. The Almighty bestows these talents upon few and you either have it or you do not. You are born with it but of course you can ruin or even force it out. Today young people kill their talents with drugs and in the chase for easy money. It corrupts the soul. A real artist must have a soul. Even if it is freezing your colors will never get cold if you have put in a part of your soul into your work.

Your favorite color is golden-yellow, like Vincent Van Goch’s?

My tutor Ivan Stepanov taught me that every painting has to be illuminate of with all the possible colors and sound like music. There are seven different colors and there are seven different notes. So far I have been sketching but I hope to write a symphony. Also, I would like to note that I have never used dark tones. If the artist is unhappy the painting comes out dark in contrast to bright and lyrical if he is joyful. That is why I never start painting if I am in a bad mood.

Every artist has his Mecca. What country would you like to go to?

My Mecca is Italy. I dream of going to Rome and of seeing in Sistine Chapel the frescos by the greatest master Michelangelo Buonarotti. In Medici Chapel I would like to see his sculptural compositions Morning and Evening. The Venice Carnival with its exquisiteness is also of considerable interest to me. It would be interesting to get acquainted with modern art in the USA and Great Britain. That is why I take languages. I live awaiting something incredible and good taking place in life. Hopefully these dreams will come true some day. Right now it is all about hard work and self-perfection.

What major exhibitions or festivals did you have the opportunity to participate in?

I have been participating in different expositions for the last 7 years. I successfully took part in group expositions that were held in such Romanian cities and towns as Bucharest, Bacau, Aiud, Cluj-Napoca. In different years I had a number of personal expositions in the Moldovan capital. For example, in the year 2002 I organized my personal exposition at the Department of Interethnic Relations. In late November this year I plan to simultaneously organize two big expositions. One will be my personal exposition where I will present my best paintings. The other will include works of some young talents.

What are some of the themes that you plan to unravel in the future?

Currently I am interested in abstract painting. I would also like to turn to big canvases in the nearest future.

One more question. What would you like to wish our readers?

I would like to wish everybody real happiness and a little more sensitivity and friendliness towards each other. One should always remember that one of the most important things in the world is to see beauty around you that gives joy and love of life.

Interviewed by Vlada Popushoi

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