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October 2002

"I Believe In The Future Of My Country"

The Republic of Poland celebrates the Independence Day on November 11. Dr. Piotr Marciniak, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Moldova has been kind enough to answer several questions put to him by Welcome magazine.


Moldova Is A Whine-Producing Country

The inhabitants of the territory of the present-day Republic of Moldova have practiced the art of wine-making since time immemorial. One of the local legends says that the ancient Dacians were the first among other tribes of that time to discover how to make wine out of grapes and passed the secrets of the wine-making process from generation to generation.


Bernardazzi - An Eternal Memory

Talented people remain in the memories of many generations to follow. Decades go by but time has no power over their images because the beauty of the treasure that they left behind as a heritage to mankind is eternal and always victorious in filling each one of us with admiration and gratitude. Buildings that have transfigured the appearance of Chisinau to make it more stately and magnificent are a stone symphony created and bequeathed to its residents by the talented Alexander Bernardazzi. In his honor one of the streets of Chisinau bears the architect’s name today.


Baseball In Moldova

Baseball in Moldova originated as far back as 1987. Today this adds up to a 15-year history including four years under the Soviet regime when baseball was considered a pro-American game and consequently against the totalitarian authoritative system and years of an unstable political and socio-economic environment.


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