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August 2002

Moldova Through The Eyes Of An American

Recently Moldova Film released a new movie called Bucharest Express, produced, directed and screen played by Chuck Ports, it is expected to raise a profit at box offices throughout Europe. Played at all major Chisinau theaters, it aroused strong criticism on the part of the Moldovan audience.

According to Ports who starred in the leading role of Bucharest Express - his express to stardom - it cost him approximately 100 thousand US dollars. Back in America he filmed two documentaries and since has spent a year teaching sociology in Chisinau. He was so affected by unrestrained crime, mafia dealings, poverty and an all together bleak future of the Moldovan people that he decided to film a movie he could show to the entire world to prove that after all America is a heaven on earth for everybody who lives there. Nobody tramples the rights of man in America, everybody receives fair and ample pay to cover at least minimum expenses. Rapists, mafia, bribery, prostitution and human trade exist only in Moldova that carries the strange name of Bekova in the movie.


Interview with First British Ambassador

Bernard Whiteside is the first British Ambassador to Moldova. He started his career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 1979. His previous office was in the Department for International Development, London (Programme Manager, Russia). He willingly scheduled a time to discuss some of his prospective work in Moldova with Welcome magazine.

Welcome: Mr. Whiteside, is this your first visit to Moldova?

Answer: It's not my first time in Moldova, I did come for a week fifteen years ago. Now I am back again here but it is the first time since 1986 when I came to an exhibition of British books in Chisinau. Now I am here to set up the British embassy as the first British ambassador to Moldova. So for me it is an enormous personal change. Chisianu has obviously changed a lot.


Local Poultry Farming To Show Signs Of Revival

In the Republic of Moldova, meat production was one of many progressively weakening revenue-generating industries. Over the past ten years, production rates have decreased threefold. In 1990, production of meat, including poultry, was estimated at 475 thousand tons, whereas in 2001, it dropped to less than 100 thousand tons. To revitalize animal husbandry in the republic, specialists are currently working on a set of measures and systematic changes in the industry. However, they say meat production increase might be favored only due to an intensive development of poultry farming.

Today, there are 20 poultry farms in the republic. All are privatized. In 2001, they slashed their output twofold and produced 29.5 thousand tons of meat, of which only 5% is exported. At the same time, Moldova annually imports more than 16 thousand tons of poultry meat, mostly of American origin.


Magic Power Of Dolls

When I look at a doll I feel it is not just an inanimate object. It seems it has a mysterious breath of its own, there is a divine reflection in it of the distant heavens to which the human soul aspires in an attempt to comprehend why man has been put into this world. Or maybe a doll hides a bright flash of recollection about the image of humans in the paradisiacal heavenly garden? Man has always been creating representations in his own image made of stone, clay, or wood, believing his creations are imbued with mysterious, incomprehensible, powerful forces, immeasurably mightier than his own.

Impressive pre-historic paintings, discovered on rocks and walls of caves and dating to the Paleolithic times can be regarded as evidence of the fact that man from time immemorial had had an urge to create representations of himself, of animals and plants. Man, in his attempts to overcome the primordial, atavistic fears, created dolls which he imbued with magic powers, performing rituals in sacred groves, and temples. Man appealed to dolls created by him for help and protection.


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